All things Lobster

Preparing lobster at home for the first time? Not sure what's the best way to cook? 

Don't worry - we love crayfish, but we understand some people might find it a little intimidating.  

That's why we have created our definitive WA Rock Lobster How-To Guide that will equip you with tricks from the professionals for a great tasting lobster meal. ​

It's yours to keep, so download it now or print off and keep handy in your kitchen!


If you're into how-to videos, check out the video below or visit our  YouTube  for more handy hints and recipes.



Sometimes called a spiny lobster,  rock lobster, or known locally as a 'crayfish.' Whatever you choose to call them the western rock lobster is an aquatic delight from the coast, renowned for its firm, sweet flesh, a flavorsome taste that retains just a hint of the salt water from the crystal blue waters from which it was caught. Its inclusion in a meal is a conversation starter, a crowd pleaser and guaranteed to create memories, long after the last bite.

Whether you plan to grill on the barbecue or prepare in a complex curry, western rock lobsters have a taste profile that lends itself to many different types of cuisine. ​

And the news gets better and better; In addition to their high protein and Omega-3 nutritional values, western rock lobsters are responsibly and sustainably caught - ensuring the health of the species for generations to come.