Ordering Information


We offer free delivery for orders of $100 or more and within a 40 km radius of our Welshpool site. Typically orders are sent once per week to areas north of the river, and once per week to areas south of the river. 


Metro Delivery FAQs

1.What orders are eligible?

Free delivery is valid for all orders (products) with a value of $100 or more and within a 40 km driving distance of our Welshpool facility.


2.When do you deliver?

We offer free delivery once per week to suburbs south of the river (SOR), typically on a Thursday and once per week to suburbs north of the river (NOR), typically on a Friday. 

3.What is the order cut off time?

The cut off for deliver orders is midday the day before they are scheduled to be delivered. If there is a public holiday and it falls on a planned delivery day, the schedule is brought forward one business day.


4.Do you deliver to business addresses?

If the address is within 40 km driving distance of our Welshpool facility, we will deliver! If the address you want delivery to is an office building or secure site, please put a note in your order to advise the driver. Such as, please call or buzz from reception.


5.What happens if I am outside the delivery zone?

Unfortunately, to make free delivery viable, we need to restrict orders to a 40 km radius from our Welshpool site. If you are outside this area, what a lot of customers tell us is they get the order sent to a friend or their workplace that is within the delivery zone.


6.Why can't I select the delivery day for my order?

The delivery days are determined by area (NOR or SOR) and the number of slots available for that day. Where possible we try to deliver to your area on your selected day, but if we are oversubscribed on a particular delivery day it is possible your order will be moved to the next delivery day in your area. Please put a note in your order if you cannot receive your order after a set date.


Pick Up Order & other FAQs

1.Can I order/ pick up in store?

In-store orders:

You can come in and order in-person if you prefer: we take walk-in orders during our opening hours(see 'Contact Us'). It may take us a little while to prepare your crays when you come in as we only select fresh lobster when a customer is in store.

Online orders:

We prefer you place your order online at least one day before you want your order, that way we can confirm your request is in stock. When ordering online, if you tell us the time you think you'll be dropping by we will make sure it's ready to go!

2.Can we see the size of the lobster before we purchase?

We are proud to be part to a sustainable, wild-caught fishery. Lobsters aren't manufactured in anonymous factories, they're hand selected and caught daily. Lobsters are sold in weight grades with specific weight range due to the natural variance of lobster sizes.

There are some constraints around taking product out of tanks to demonstrate size, so best to speak with a staff member to get advice on what size will best suit your requirements.


3.How long can lobster be stored for?

Seafood is a highly perishable product, and temperature integrity is critical.

For deliveries and pick up orders, we ensure the product is carefully controlled to ensure a consistent temperature.  It is recommended that customers ensure someone is home to accept their deliveries and customers collecting lobster from us are advised to bring an esky/ cooler bag with them and get their order home as quickly as possible after collecting. 

For more specific information about lobster handling, please refer to our handling guide on the Lobster Guide page.


4.Do you offer interstate delivery?

Currently we do not offer interstate delivery. We hope to resume this service soon.