Frozen Whole Cooked West Australian lobster
Frozen Whole Cooked West Australian lobster
Frozen Whole Cooked West Australian lobster
Frozen Whole Cooked West Australian lobster

Frozen Whole Cooked West Australian lobster

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Fresh lobster, cooked to perfection, then snap-frozen to retain texture and taste.

Our cooked, frozen lobster is an excellent choice for the busy home chef. Don't want to compromise on that fresh lobster taste but can't lock down a night to cook it?
Brolos frozen cooked lobsters can be stored in your freezer for 6 - 12 months, so you've got heaps of time to find that perfect recipe. When you are ready to prepare, just thaw and reheat or serve cold.

Our Western Australian lobster is freshly sourced from the pristine Indian Ocean and is backed by our quality guarantee. Find out more by going to our Quality Promise page.

For tips and tricks on preparing WA rock lobster, visit our Preparation page.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Tasker
Great customer Service

Had home delivery and everything was spot on, they kept me well informed and delivered on time as stated on the Txt message - as usual the crays were absolutely delis - Thanks team well done.

terrence allen
Wonderful flavours

There is no doubt in my mind that crays are the most delicious food available. The Geraldton coop deliver them in excellent condition.

Darryl Burton

Excellent crayfish - great size and all enjoyed by the family

Lilja Bosenberg
Frozen cooked crays

We enjoyed your crays for Christmas lunch. I bought them as already cooked and frozen. After defrosting them they were absolutely tender and delicious to eat. The crays as Christmas lunch has become a tradition with my family.

C. DuBois
Cooked Lobsters Amazing

Cooked lobsters purchased for last Christmas '23', like previous Christmas purchases, were amazing. The lobsters were succulent, sweet, and the amount of meat in each was so plentiful...